New Details on Deadly Asiana Air Flight 214 Crash

Incredible new video released to YouTube today. Three women that were held captive in a Cleveland home for a decade by a man who allegedly raped and beat them are speaking out online. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight thanked the public for encouragement and financial support. Ariel Castro goes on trial next month.

Jury selection starts today in the long-awaited murder trial of Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan. He's accused to killing 13 and wounding nearly three dozen in a shooting spree at Fort Hood nearly four years ago. Casey Stegall reporting.

The Zimmerman trial resumes today in a Florida court. The defense could wrap up their case this week. Yesterday the judge ruled that a toxicology report showing trace amounts of marijuana in Trayvon Martin's blood could be used as evidence. Phil Keating reporting.

The Senate Judiciary Committee holds a confirmation hearing today for President Obama's choice to lead the FBI. James Comey will likely face questions about the government's extensive surveillance programs. Mike Emanuel reporting.

Speaking of those surveillance programs.. A federal oversight board holding a hearing today on the government's secret spying programs. 16 experts to testify before the Privacy and Civil Liberties Board. Catherine Herridge reporting.

We could get new details today on that deadly Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco over the weekend. All 4 pilots are being questioned as investigators try to figure out what caused the plane to come in for a landing "slow and low." Also under investigation? If first responders accidentally ran over one of the now-dead passengers. Adam Housley and Claudia Cowan report.

The death toll continues to grow from that horrible train crash in Canada. At least 13 are dead.. with another 50 still missing.. The train carrying crude oil crashed and burned in a small Quebec town.. destroying much of the village. Now comes word, there was a fire aboard the train that was put out before the crash. Might the brakes have been damaged? Investigators want to know.

Firefighters in Nevada are losing ground to two fires that have forced hundreds from their homes

A glitch in computer systems will allow smokers to avoid some heavy penalties under Obamacare until it can be fixed in about a year.

The Muslim Brotherhood now calling for retaliation and uprising after Army security forces killed more than 50 supporters of the ousted President. It comes as Congress considers withholding aid for Egypt. Conor Powell reports.

New signs the U.S. could withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan much more quickly than expected. KT McFarland weighs in on the situation.

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