Crook nabbed after Florida teen hiding in closet makes call

A Florida teenager hid in a closet after an ex-con burglar broke into her family’s home  -- and she was able to bravely phone her mother, who subsequently alerted police, WTVT Fox 13 reported.

Angelina Scisco, 13, was home alone when William Wilson, 47, broke into the Palm Harbor home through a kitchen window on Friday afternoon, sheriff’s deputies said, according to the station.


The quick-thinking Scisco stowed herself in a bedroom closet, unbeknownst to Wilson, who was filling a bag with the family’s coins, jewelry and video games, Fox 13 reported.

Cops quickly converged on the home and chased Wilson, who was freed from prison in November after serving 20 years on an armed burglary rap, into the backyard of a nearby home.

It was there that Pinellas County Sheriff Deputies collared the crook and took him into custody.

“They were out here in droves,” neighbor Damon Norton told Fox 13. “Somebody sees an opportunity, they’re going to take it. They just kinda went in the wrong house, I guess, that day.”

Wilson apparently cased the targeted home prior to breaking in, ringing the doorbell and then returning shortly after no one answered.

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