San Francisco transit officials have warned area residents and commuters to make alternate travel plans for the July 4th holiday as rail workers are expected to continue a strike that has suspended service through this week. 

According to, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) announced Wednesday that it had received "no indication" that striking members of its two largest unions would return to work by Thursday morning. Talks between the two sides had resumed Tuesday evening and continued into the early hours of Wednesday. After a break, negotiations resumed Wednesday afternoon and were expected to continue late into Wednesday night. 

BART officials said that it would take 18 hours to resume train service if a negotiated settlement is reached. Meanwhile, the agency said it would run limited charter buses directly to and from San Francisco for East Bay commuters. 

Between Monday and Wednesday, charter buses had transported commuters from the West Oakland-San Francisco bus bridge and dropped off passengers at the West Oakland BART station parking lot, where signs directed commuters to buses bound for four other East Bay stations.  

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