Egypt on Edge, The Remarkable Journey of Travis Mills

NSA leaker Edward Snowden having trouble finding any country to accept his bid for asylum. Snowden today rejected the terms Russian President Putin was offering for asylum in Russia. He is holed up in a Moscow airport, but has withdrawn his bid for asylum there. Meantime, several other countries have rejected his requests for asylum.

Egypt remains a very tense place today as a deadline by the Egyptian military to President Mohammed Morsi to do something about the massive protests within 48 hours continues to tick down. Thousands remain camped out in Tahrir Square demanding Morsi step down. The military says it will come up with its own plan if Morsi doesn't act soon. President Obama has called Morsi to urge him to talk with protesters. Kitty Logan Jennifer Griffin and Conor Powell reporting.

President Obama returns from his Africa trip later today. He laid a wreath to U.S. diplomats killed overseas along with former President George W Bush. Ed Henry and Wendell Goler reporting.

A memorial was held last night for the 19 "hot shot" firefighters killed fighting a fire in Arizona. Investigators will pore over the scene, but preliminary reports suggest extreme winds related to the topography in Arizona may have played a role. Will Carr reporting.

Day two of a B.A.R.T. strike in the San Francisco Bay Area. People there are not happy with the lack of transportation from Northern California's most important transport system.

A rocket carrying $200 million worth of navigation satellites crashed in Kazakhstan shortly after takeoff.

Today we'll air two important pieces that Jenna Lee and producer Trina Thompson have been working on for months featuring quadruple amputee Travis Mills and his remarkable journey of recovery.

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