Woman forced to call for help after getting stuck inside charity donation bin

An Oklahoma City woman donated more than clothes to a roadside bin set up for charitable hand-me-downs this week.

The city’s fire department tells in Oklahoma City they had to extricate the would-be Good Samaritan from the metal deposit box after receiving a harried – and more-than-a-little awkward – phone call requesting assistance.

"We received a call from a lady that was actually stuck in a donation bin," OKC Fire Chief Brian Stanaland told the site.


The snafu ensued when the woman realized she was missing a treasured bracelet after donating several items. She returned to the bin, and somehow fell inside while looking for the bauble.

“I came down here and was kind of was looking around, looking around, looking around and I got inside it,” she reportedly told the fire dispatcher.

“And I have M.S.[multiple sclerosis] so it doesn’t take much before I start really cramping up and hurting, you know, and I can’t get out.”

“I kind of presume that she got a little dehydrated,”  Stanaland said, according to “Apparently she was in there about two hours this morning and even in the morning light hours, it would still be very hot. It was a metal bin.”

The woman was safely removed, but not before a somewhat humorous aside occurred concerning a plea to another person who was donating items.

“This lady stopped a while ago and I said ‘excuse me, can you help me,’ and I guess I scared her so bad she sped off because she was putting something in here,” the woman told the dispatcher.

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