Reporter's Notebook: At the Zimmerman trial

The daughter of George Zimmerman co-counsel Don West triggered a bit of a flap Friday via a photo she published on Instagram showing her, her sister and her father eating ice cream.

The photo itself was not the object of criticism but rather the hashtag she used,  #dadkilledit. A Miami Herald reporter posted it to his Twitter account and it was then re-tweeted over 300 times.

Before the end of the day, Molly West was pulled out of the courtroom by a member of the defense staff.

Shawn Vincent, communications director for the law group, told reporters,"We understand the comments when in context with the events this week are grossly insensitive.

"Don had no idea that, when he shared it with his daughter, that she would post it on Instagram.”

He also said he thought the hashtag reference was unintentional.

Molly West has deleted the Instagram account, Vincent confirmed.

The three West daughters, all in their 20s, have been daily fixtures at the trial, sitting behind the defense table.


All week, the six female jurors have been ardent notetakers – so much so that during Friday’s testimony, one raised her hand to get the judge’s attention, then asked for more notepads for herself and the others.

A bailiff ran to grab more of the large white legal pads and hand them out.


If you thought George Zimmerman looked heavier at the trial than when he was arrested, you’re right. Physician’s assistant  Lindzee Folgate, who examined him the day after the shooting, testified Friday that he was then 5’7.5” and weighed 204 pounds. His lawyers said he has gained 100 pounds since then.