Reporter's Notebook: At the Zimmerman trial

Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel was back on the stand Thursday at the George Zimmerman murder trial and while she appeared less testy than in earlier exchanges with defense attorney Don West, it was not entirely cordial. 

While she addressed him as “sir” on multiple occasions, at times she used the word like a verbal dart.

At one point when West suggested that Jeantel didn’t know if Martin was telling the truth during their phone conversation because he was “assaulting” Zimmerman,  Jeantel replied, “that’s really retarded, sir.”

The all-female  jury did not react or even look bemused.

But the six-member panel did laugh out loud when Jantel referred to lead prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda as “the bald headed” during an exchange with West.

Later, when De la Rionda questioned Jeantel, he began with the observation “first, I’m the bald-headed dude.”

Once again, the jury broke into laughter.

At another point, during an exchange between West and Jeantel, they almost appeared to be at a tennis match as their heads swiveled back and forth watching first one, then the other.

The most shrill interruption during the day’s proceedings came when a cell phone rang in the public seating area of the courtroom. Judge Debra Nelson, who has been strict about courtroom decorum, asked the phone-owner to stand and leave. A baliff escorted the offender outside.