10-year-old blind Vermont girl saves friend during raccoon attack

A blind, 10-year-old girl helped fight off a crazed raccoon that attacked her friend in the woods of Vermont.

Irie Campbell, 11, was playing with her 5-year-old brother Felix and friend Piper Rolfe in Kirby on Sunday when a hissing raccoon came out of nowhere and lunged at her face, WCAX reports.

Campbell says the raccoon bit her in the hand before Rolfe, who is legally blind, sprang into action.

"Piper said, 'What is it?' And I said it was a raccoon and she got a stick and started to poke it and hitting it a little which helped out a lot," Irie told WCAX.

The raccoon eventually ran away, but Irie suffered six bites, including one on her thigh. She was brought to a local hospital to be treated for possible rabies exposure, but doctors say she is expected to recover after a series of shots.

Derek Campbell, Irie’s dad, calls Piper a “little hero.”

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