Georgia school kicks girl off football team, citing boys, Bible, mother says

A 12-year-old Georgia girl has been kicked off her school’s football team for reasons ranging from the Bible to the fact that she’s a girl, her mother says.

Maddy Paige, a sixth-grader who was the starting left defensive tackle at Strong Rock Christian School, was told last week by a school official that she can’t play next year, FOX 5 reports.

Cassy Blythe, Maddy’s mother, said the CEO of the Atlanta-area school, Patrick Stuart, told them that boys may have impure thoughts with her daughter being on the team, in addition to citing the Bible.

"They couldn't find an exact quote of why she shouldn't play," Blythe told FOX 5. "He said, 'The best I can come up with is that men and women are created equal, but different.' And that is all he could say.”

Paige said she was “hurt” after being told she couldn’t play.

School officials were unavailable for comment.

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