Wednesday June 19, 2013 Happening Now - President Obama Back in Berlin, DC Investigation Fever

President Obama set to deliver a big speech on nuclear security in just a few hours at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin close to the 50th anniversary of the famous JFK speech during the Cold War denouncing the Soviet regime. It also comes five years after then-candidate Barack Obama's speech to Germans that galvanized the world. The President will call for a dramatic reduction in the world's nuclear stockpiles including cuts to the Russian and American weapons by a third. He's also set to push a stalled nuclear test ban treaty. Wendell Goler is in Berlin.

Lots of goings-on on Capitol Hill to talk about and react to today.

The NSA will brief House Intel Committee members today on an additional 50 foiled terror plots. As you saw if you watched yesterday, the NSA Director gave testimony yesterday and described the details of four plots allegedly stopped, at least in part, by NSA spying activities. That briefing is closed press, but we will have cameras staking it out for reaction. There is also a briefing this afternoon at the American Enterprise Institute by former NSA Director Michael Hayden on the spying programs. Peter Doocy is reporting.

At 12:30 the Associated Press President is making remarks about freedom of the press and the government's demands and seizure of AP records and communications. Also today, the Attorney General is supposed to send written answers to questions about hwo the DOJ handled an investigation into Fox's own James Rosen. Shannon Bream is reporting.

At 10am the FBI director Robert Mueller is back on the Hill.. where he'll be grilled again today.. this time by Senators. He will likely get questions on the NSA and Edward Snowden, the IRS scandal, the Boston Bombing, and even Fast & Furious. Doug McKelway reporting.

The Tea Party Patriots are holding a rally at Noon called "Audit the IRS" to protest what they call abuse of power by the IRS. Mike Emanuel reporting.

Meantime, Rep Elijah Cummings released a transcript of the IRS investigation that appears to show at least some of the IRS targeting of tea party groups was not political and didn't originate in Washington. Rep Darrell Issa disputes that, and is apparently outraged that Cummings acted without Issa's permission.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa says the IRS is about to pay $70 million in bonuses despite the scandal and the sequester budget cuts. Lots of outrage over this.

Immigration overhaul legislation continues its trek through Congress.

Rick Leventhal reporting on the investigation into Flight 800 from 1996 that killed 230 people off Long Island.

Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke due to take questions today on the state of the economy and whether the feds will continue to try to goose the economy.. markets have soared over the past few days.. we'll keep an eye on stocks.

More massive protests rocking Brazil. People there unhappy over corruption, the high cost of living and extravagant spending for the World Cup and the Olympics.

Hamid Karzai reportedly cancelling peace talks with the United States on a new security deal after the U.S. said it will negotiate with the Taliban. This as the Taliban claimed credit for killing four Americans at the Bagram Air Base.

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