Missing Idaho woman found by farmer alive in wheat field

Authorities say an Idaho woman who had been missing since Sunday near Pasco has been found alive

KNDO reports that 21-year-old Rashelle Klontz was found in a wheat field by a farmer. Franklin County Sheriff's deputies say she was laying down in the field when she was discovered and was later able to speak to police.

Klontz had been missing since around 3 p.m. Sunday when she stopped at the Country Mercantile fruit stand.  Her purse, cellphone and laptop were found inside the store. Her SUV was left in the parking lot.

Police read her journal entries that mentioned hiking into the desert to pray. Her father, Rick Klontz, said she is devoted to her religion.

Rashelle Klontz was on her way back to Sandpoint after spending a few days with friends in Hermiston, Ore.