Michigan diver hopes to find descendants of the writers of a 100-year-old message in a bottle, report says

A Michigan diver who last year found an unread message in a bottle hopes to locate the authors' descendants before a historical celebration on an island near Detroit that the writers would have likely attended, The Detroit Free Press reported.

Dave Leander found the bottle buried under about six inches of dirt in the waters of the St. Clair River, the report said. The message's authors, identified in the report as Selina Pramstaller and Tillie Esper, apparently tossed the bottle into the river and it sunk straight down.

The note was penned on June 30, 1915, the report said. The note was simple and mentioned the good time the women had at Tashmoo, a favorite summer escape for residents of the city, the report said. The bottle was discovered 97 years later, almost to the day, the report said.

Another diver has done research on the genealogy of the message’s authors and has made some progress. His hope is to invite these family members to an event called Tashmoo Days, which is organized by the Harsens Island St. Clair Flats Historical Society. It is about the same time Selina and Tillie would have visited the park, the report said.

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