Awaiting NSA Testimony on Foiled Terror Plots; Explanation for Spying?

We are awaiting potentially big news on the NSA spying on Americans story today. NSA Director Keith Alexander expected to unveil a list of 10 of the top terror plots allegedly stopped, in part, due to the NSA's PRISM program. PRISM is the spying program revealed by leaker Edward Snowden. Alexander will testify at an open hearing of the House Intel Committee this morning from 10-12 AM ET. We will be monitoring that hearing and will take it live if it gets juicy. For his part, Snowden purportedly said, in a live chat hosted by The Guardian newspaper during "Happening Now" yesterday that he leaked classified U.S. information to the media because he was unhappy with secret programs President Obama kept going and even expanded. He also claimed he is not a spy for China. Catherine Herridge is following it all for us today.

Also today, there's likely to be some key votes on the immigration overhaul being worked on by Congress. Mike Emanuel reporting.

President Obama continues his G8 trip today in Northern Ireland. It's day two of the summit. Apparently the group of the eight most powerful countries has had trouble coming up with a joint position on ending the Syrian civil war. The tension between the U.S. and Russia was palpable in a joint photo of Vladimir Putin and President Obama making the rounds yesterday. We'll let viewers take a look. The President departs Ireland during our show today headed to Berlin. The President makes a big speech in Berlin tomorrow. Wendell Goler and Ed Henry reporting.

On Syria, there are reports today Syrian warplanes are hitting rebel positions near Aleppo.

Afghan forces are taking over the lead for security around the country marking a big milestone in the nearly 12-year-old war. American and NATO forces move into a supporting role. Our forces are due to withdraw entirely in 18 months.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the military to fully integrate women into combat positions. Women could start training as Army Rangers by mid-2015 and as Navy SEALS a year later.

A new report suggests the rise of health care costs is slowing.

The CDC says smoking rates continue to fall with just 18% of the nation now describing themselves as smokers.. down from 19% a year earlier.

Molly Line reports on a crackdown on Google ads for illegal drugs.

Claudia Cowan has a report on the famous San Francisco cable cars.

And just for Jon Scott, Justin Bieber in hot water.. again. Julie Banderas reports on the 411.

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