Friday June 14, 2013 Happening Now - Red Line Crossed, U.S. to Intervene in Syria

The United States is now planning to send weapons and ammunition to the beleaguered rebels in Syria's civil war. The war has killed at least 90,000 people according to conservative U.N. estimates. Late yesterday, the Obama White House said there was conclusive evidence the Assad regime had used chemical weapons against the rebels. Chemical weapons use had been the "red line" President Obama said Syria couldn't cross before bringing on U.S. involvement. Now comes the hard part - determining what weapons to send and how to keep them out of the hands of terrorists.

Polls now open in Iran.. as the country votes on a successor to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. All the candidates are considered hard-liners so don't expect any major changes in policy. The election comes along with a renewed aggression on the part of Iran in international terrorism. Greg Palkot reporting. Mark Dubowitz is here with analysis.

Leland Vittert reports today on the drama over protesters taking over Istanbul's Taksim Square. PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with protest leaders overnight. The meeting seemed to calm down both sides. Stay tuned.

The House expected to pass the defense authorization bill today including a crackdown on sex assaults in the armed forces. It will have to be reconciled with the Senate version.

Catherine Herridge reporting on the latest on the NSA spying leak story.. including the damage done by the leaker (at least according to Congressman Mike Rogers).

There is a 9am House Intel Committee hearing that we will be staking out for news.

More than 70 people were hurt in that chemical plant explosion we first reported on yesterday on "Happening Now."

At least two now dead in those fires raging in Colorado. Firefighters making some progress, but the Black Forest fire has already been the most destructive to homes in Colorado history. Alicia Acuna reporting.

The outdoor deck on a Miami-area sports bar collapsed dumping dozens into the Biscayne Bay. Two dozen people hospitalized. No deaths reported so far.

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