After 12 Years, A Swan Song Grilling for FBI Head Mueller

FBI Director Robert Mueller appears before the House Judiciary Committee today. Mueller is stepping down after a two year extension of his time as head of the FBI. He's been at the top for an unprecedented 12 years. His swan song is likely to be tense with questions from lawmakers. He could face a grilling on several scandals plaguing the White House including Benghazi, AP records seizures, IRS targeting, lavish government spending and NSA spying on Americans.

1000EDT -- House Judiciary full Committee, Chaired by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, holds a hearing on Federal Bureau of Investigation oversight. FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies. LIVE

There are also a couple of events worth covering today regarding the growing NSA snooping story. The House Intel Committee will hold a closed meeting on those classified leaks on the NSA. Senator Rand Paul will hold a news conference to talk about legal action he's pursuing against the government over its snooping programs. Catherine Herridge reporting.

That giant storm system that made a mess in the Midwest is headed for the East Coast and the Mid-Atlantic.

The news is not good in Colorado where wildfires continue to rage. Among the largest, the Black Forest fire is 0% contained and has burned nearly 100 homes. Alicia Acuna reporting. Three other states also fighting wildfires right now.

We get weekly unemployment numbers today. Steve Moore is here to tell us why there is increasing discrepancies between analysts about how many jobs it will take to make a dent in the unemployment numbers.

New York Times reports today the number of Americans with college degrees has surged to more than 33% among those aged 25-29. That's up from just 22% in the late 70's. It could be good news for an increasingly tough U.S. jobs market.

Almost one in three thefts nationwide now involve smart phones. Now prosecutors in NY and SF are announcing a nationwide initiative to stop the stealing.

The U.N. now says nearly 93,000 people have died in the Syrian civil war.

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