Key events in Santa Monica, Calif., shootings that killed at least 7, including gunman

Key moments in a shooting rampage Friday that killed at least six people in Santa Monica, Calif., before a gunman was shot and killed by police in a college library. Based on reports from witnesses, police, and fire, college and hospital officials.

— At 11:52 a.m. PDT, firefighters respond to a blaze at a house about a mile from Santa Monica College. Police receive reports of a carjacking nearby at about the same time. Two people are eventually found dead in the burned house.

— The gunman travels to a busy intersection nearby and shoots at a public bus. A third person is killed in the area.

— Shots are heard around the campus of Santa Monica College around noon. The campus and two nearby schools are locked down. Witnesses see a man dressed in black wearing cargo pants and a ballistic vest shoot at a red SUV with a semi-automatic rifle. The driver is hit in the torso and the car accelerates across the street into a wall. The driver dies. Two passengers are injured and taken to a hospital.

— Witnesses say the suspect shoots again, and a pedestrian is later found dead on the sidewalk. The gunman exchanges gunfire with college and city police. He moves onto the 38-acre campus, making his way toward the library.

— The gunman shoots a woman outside the library, then goes inside. Police exchange gunfire with the gunman and wound him. He is carried to the sidewalk, where he dies.

— About 1:15 p.m., police interview a man dressed in all black with hands cuffed behind his back. They later call him a person of interest. His sweatshirt reads "Life's a Gamble."

— About 3:15 p.m., doctors say a female victim who was brought to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center has died. It isn't clear which shooting took her life.