Friday June 7, 2013 Happening Now - Big Brother Is Watching

President Obama will speak live during our show today. The President expected to talk about the health care overhaul at a 10:50 speech in California.

President Obama also kicks of two days of high-level meetings with the new Chinese President Xi Jinping. Cyber security and the threat from North Korea's nuke program likely to top the agenda.

We get monthly jobless numbers for May today. We'll have famed economist Ben Stein here to take viewer questions on the economy. Go to and click on the "America's Asking" tab for our new and improved live chat.

The director of National Intelligence is going to declassify details of a secret program that collects phone and internet records on millions of Americans. There's been growing outrage among the American public over the warrantless spying on U.S. citizens. Lawmakers have mostly stood by the program saying it's for national security. But the program rubs many folks the wrong way. Catherine Herridge reporting for us today.

The AP now confirming a story we first told you about yesterday.../that lower-level IRS employees are contradicting the testimony of some higher-ups at the IRS who say the targeting of certain groups was not directed from the top.

Tropical storm Andrea bringing flooding rain up the East coast. Mary Quinn reporting from Myrtle Beach, SC.

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