Maxim model murder trial update

President Obama will make comments live this morning from the Rose Garden at 10:30am.

The House Ways & Means Committee holds hearing with organizations some say were targeted by the IRS for their personal beliefs. We're expected to get new details on the abuses some individuals and organizations faced. We're also getting new details today on extravagant IRS spending on conferences, videos and other frivolous activities.. like "happiness coaching." Yesterday, the acting IRS commissioner testified - taking some tough questions from a House committee. Mike Emanuel reports.

Jennifer Griffin reporting today on the big problem with sexual assaults that is plaguing the military. At 9:30 the Senate Armed Services Committee will hold hearings on the problem.

AT 10am Ambassador Thomas Pickering will give a deposition on the Benghazi terror attack to the House Oversight Committee.

Catherine Herridge reporting on the demands of some in the House for more documents related to the death of Usama bin Laden.

We're keeping on eye on a fire in Southern California, and on more severe weather for the Midwest.

A Colorado judge will decide if Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes can plead guilty be reason of insanity in the multiple count murder case against him. If the judge allows that plea, prosecutors should get access to a notebook Holmes sent to his psychiatrist in the days before the shooting. Alicia Acuna reports.

A dramatic update in the Maxim model murder trial. The jury may be deadlocked. According to preliminary reporting, the jury has decided there is not enough evidence to convict Kelly Soo Park of 1st degree murder, but can't agree on another charge. Now there is charges of meddling by the judge.. it's a bit of a muddle. We'll ask our legal panel to weigh in.

The murder trial of the man called "Bladerunner" has been postponed. The amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius was set to go on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, but a South African magistrate delayed proceedings until August in order for lawyers to continue their investigations. He also warned media misconduct could delay it even longer. Greg Palkot reporting.

A general strike declared for today in Turkey after days of violent protests.

Disturbing new reporting from Syria suggests the bloody civil war there is getting bloodier. According to a new U.N. report, both sides have used chemical weapons. There are also disturbing new details on the inroads radical terrorist groups are making into rebel battle lines.

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