Monday June 3, 2013 Happening Now

There are growing calls for Attorney General Eric Holder to step down. The New York Times over the weekend reporting that some in the Obama Administration would like the AG to resign.. though they won't say so publicly. Lots of Sunday show sound.

President Obama holds a news conference today on mental health.

13 are dead in the Oklahoma City area after a string of tornadoes late Friday. Mike Tobin and Will Carr reporting.

Nearly 3000 people from 700 homes are under evacuation orders due to wildfires in Southern California. Adam Housley reporting.

House Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government holding an oversight hearing this afternoon on the IRS. The new acting commissioner will appear. There are new questions about the conduct of the agency after reports it spent $50 million on conferences. This as the scandal over its targeting of conservative groups continues.

New York Times reports China is getting the bulk of the oil produced by Iraq.. despite the blood and money we poured into Iraq.

There's been a fourth day of violence in Turkey. Anti-government protesters angry over a crackdown on peaceful protesters.

A fire at a poultry plant in China has killed at least 113.

4 are dead after an earthquake in Taiwan.

Private Bradley Manning facing trial this morning - accused of sending classified data to Wikileaks.

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