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Boston Marathon bombing victim crowned prom queen at Mass. high school


May 28, 2013: Sydney Corcoran attends prom with her boyfriend. (

A Massachusetts high school student who was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing in April says she was very happy to be crowned prom queen at her school dance. reports 18-year-old Sydney Corcoran was standing at the finish line of the marathon with her mother when the bombs went off. 

Her foot was severely damaged, and her mother, Celeste, lost both of her legs.

Corcoran says though attending prom seemed impossible right after the bombing, she realized through her rehab she could still attend the dance. 

Her foot was numb and she had to use crutches, but she was glad to be there despite the pain.

"There's some tough days and yesterday I had kind of a down day, but you just get through those days and you just power on, and the next day is another day, and it is prom day. So you can't be sad on prom day," the teen told

Corcoran's next goal is to walk at her graduation next week without the crutches. She plans to attend Merrimack College in the fall and major in psychology.

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