Massachusetts town cancels Memorial Day parade, cites lack of veterans

A group of Massachusetts veterans say they are saddened by their city's decision to cancel an annual Memorial Day parade because not enough veterans are able to march in it. 

CBS Boston reports the city of Beverly cancelled its parade for what is believed to be the first time since the Civil War because of low turnout at previous parades.

Many of the older veterans in the town say they can no longer march due to physical ailments. 

“Most of us, like myself, either have some knee issues or foot issues or whatever,” Jerry Guilebbe, the city’s Director of Veterans’ Services, tells CBS Boston. 

Additionally, Guilebbe says many of the town's younger veterans are unavailable.

“I’ve found just talking with them,” he told CBS Boston. “They’re emergency medical technicians, firefighters, police. They’re first responders, so traditionally that’s their day to work so it’s hard to get them to come out and actually participate.”

Instead of the parade, the town plans to honor veterans at a ceremony at one of its parks. 

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