Wednesday May 22, 2013 Happening Now - Will Jodi Arias Be Put to Death?

We're getting a better idea today of the devastation from that massive twister that tore through Moore, Oklahoma. 24 are dead including 9 children. Injuries are in the hundreds. The storm was confirmed as an EF-5. Department of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano is headed to Oklahoma to make sure federal resources are flowing. John Roberts, Casey Stegall and Maria Molina reporting. Lauren Green on keeping the faith in tragedies like the Moore disaster.

The IRS back in the hotseat on Capitol Hill today. The House Committee on Government Oversight holding a hearing where there is likely to be some fireworks. Yesterday in a separate hearing, the outgoing head of the IRS expressed regret, but refused to apologize for any targeting "lists" that were created. He admitted the agency had a question planted at a news conference in order to get ahead of an IG report on the story. The woman who responded to that planted question is Lois Lerner. She heads the IRS determination unit, and will reportedly "Plead the Fifth" in the hearing this morning invoking her right not to testify so as to not incriminate herself in any criminal wrongdoing. Should be an exciting hearing!


0930EDT -- House Cmte on Oversight and Govt Reform holds hearing titled, The IRS: Targeting Americans for their Political Beliefs. Asst Treasury Secy Neal Wolin, Treasury Inspector Gen for Tax Admin J. Russell George, fmr IRS Cmsner Douglas Shulman, and IRS Dir of Exept Orgs Lois Lerner testify. LIVE / LIVE STAKEOUT

There is a closed press House Intel Committee meeting this morning on Benghazi. James Rosen reporting.

U.S. officials are telling the AP that they have five men wanted for questioning in the attack on the U.S. mission in Libya under constant surveillance. Fox sources say as many as 18 suspects are wanted in connection with the death of four Americans in Libya.

There were a boatload of new Fox News polls released late yesterday. We should try to get some of them on the tv!

The Immigration overhaul bill cleared a key hurdle late yesterday winning the backing of The Senate Judiciary Committee. Full vote could come sometime in June.

Anthony Weiner returning to the public stage. Weiner resigned two years ago after intimate pictures of him came to light after he was caught flirting with women online.

L.A. has a new mayor. Eric Garcetti has become the city's first Jewish mayor.

Jury deliberating in the Jodi Arias murder conviction. The jury will decide if she gets life in prison or the death penalty. Yesterday Arias made a bizarre speech to the jury asking for her life to be spared. In it she showed artwork and told of donating her own hair to charity. Jodi gave another interview to our local Fox affiliate. We'll play some of that out .. Adam Housley reporting.

We'll also update our Maxim model murder trial.

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