Woman survives after home collapses around her

Joann Coleman was sitting in her home in southwest Oklahoma City watching the tornado coverage on television. The storm was originally tracking to hit north of her neighborhood. But then it turned and was heading due east - straight for her house.

Coleman's home before the storm

"I was stupid and did not go out front to the storm shelter" Coleman explains. "I flattened myself in the hallway with four king size pillows on top of me."

The next thing she knew, the storm was roaring over her. The walls were shaking. The roof blew off. Two doors fell on top of her creating a tee-pee structure.Coleman's home after the storm

"I was trapped for a bit," she recalls "but neighbors were able to get me out through the roof.

Coleman emerged unharmed. Not even a scratch on her body.

"God took care of me." She explains, "That's all there is to it."