Oklahoma Reeling After Twister of Death

A monster tornado with winds that may have surpassed 200 miles an hour destroyed wide swaths of the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, OK yesterday afternoon. At least 51 are dead. Sadly, there at least 20 of those who were killed as the storm took direct aim at at least two schools were children. It could have been even worse. The pictures of children being plucked alive from the rubble tell some of the amazing tales of survival. Teachers apparently were shielding children's bodies from the storms. More than 170 are being treated at hospitals including about 70 children. The National Weather Service says it was at least an EF4 twister (the second highest), but that could be upgraded. The twister stayed on the ground for at least 40 minutes.. highly unusual. A 1999 storm that was eerily similar destroyed parts of the same town. We've got team FOX coverage. Rick Reichmuth, John Roberts, Casey Stegall, Alicia Acuna, Jonathan Hunt, Shepard Smith, Garrett Tenney, Maria Molina and Janice Dean are all reporting today.

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias could take the stand today during our hours. She and her family and possibly friends are trying to make the case that she shouldn't get death for killing Travis Alexander.. and instead spend the rest of her days behind bars. In an interview immediately after her conviction, Jodi said she'd rather die than spend her life in prison. We'll see if she repeats that statement on the stand.

Adam Housley reporting, and our legal panel weighs in.

The former head of the IRS will be on Capitol Hill today, and will likely get a grilling as lawmakers are given their first opportunity to question him over the targeting of conservative groups in the growing IRS scandal. Mike Emanuel reporting.

There is a Senate subcommittee hearing today on U.S. corporations using subsidiaries overseas to hide profits and avoid taxes. An inquiry has found Apple avoided billions of dollars in taxes this way. Apple denies wrongdoing and Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, will be testifying. We'll monitor for sound, and may add a reporter.

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