Mom squawks as 4 falcon chicks living on NY-NJ George Washington Bridge are banded

Four falcon chicks living on the bridge spanning the Hudson River between Manhattan and New Jersey have gotten identifying bands around their legs.

Their mother's squawks competed with the din of rush-hour traffic on the George Washington Bridge on Tuesday.

The chicks hatched three weeks ago on a girder six feet below the bridge's lower level. Their parents are among 20 pairs of peregrine falcons living in New York City.

Peregrine falcons favor bridges and other high places where they can spot their prey — other birds.

Wildlife biologist Chris Nadareski (nad-uh-REHS'-kee) of New York City's Department of Environmental Protection gently picked up each of the chicks and banded them.

Nadareski also peered into the birds' eyes and ears and spread out their wings to check for parasites.

He pronounced them all healthy.