Monday May 20, 2013 Happening Now - Twisters of Terror in Midwest

Tornadoes ripped through portions of the Midwest leaving thousands without power and at least one dead. More severe weather could be on the way. More than a dozen homes were destroyed in a twister that touched down in a suburb of Oklahoma City where a 79 year old person died. Twisters reported in MO, KS and IA. Team coverage with Garrett Tenney, Alicia Acuna and Casey Stegall. Maria Molina and Janice Dean will tell us what's in store today.

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy warning commuters to New York to get ready for big headaches this week. A train derailment caused track damage. We have the dramatic pictures. 72 were injured in that crash.

Jodi Arias could retake the stand today in a Phoenix courtroom. Jodi has already been found guilty of murder, but the jury must still decide if she'll get life in prison or the death penalty. Adam Housley reporting.

White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer went on all the Sunday talk shows to defend the Obama administration against the various charges related to several big scandals swirling around Washington. We also learned the White House council - Kathryn Ruemmler - learned last month about the IRS targeting conservative groups. That came weeks before the story came to the public eye. Mike Emanuel reporting.

The President of the reclusive, military ruled nation of Myanmar aka Burma is visiting the White House today. The first visit in almost 47 years. Wendell Goler is reporting from the White House.

North Korea making headlines again today after firing short range projectile missiles into its own waters for the fifth time in three days. The dictatorship says the rocket tests are part of drills to bolster deterrence against what it says are threats by the U.S. and South Korea.

A suicide bomber in Afghanistan killed at least 14 people.

Car bombs in Iraq have killed dozens.

Keep a close eye on the Middle East today where Syria's bloody civil war is threatening to drag other neighbors into war including Israel and Lebanon.

Two sightseeing balloons collided in Turkey sending one crashing to earth. 1 dead. 24 injured.

A single winning ticket was sold in the Tampa, FL area for a record Powerball lottery jackpot of more than $590 million.

United Airlines will resume flying Boeing 787 Dreamliners today.


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