Friday May 17, 2013 Happening Now - IRS Grilling on Capitol Hill Today

The fired (or resigned) IRS chief Steven Miller expected to be grilled on Capitol Hill today. The House Ways & Means Committee holds a hearing on the IRS scandal beginning at 9am. President Obama said he didn't know it was going on. Yesterday President Obama appointed a senior WH budget officer - Daniel Werfel - as acting IRS commissioner. Mike Emanuel reporting.

0900ET -- House Ways and Means holds full-committee hearing on the Internal Revenue Service's practice of discriminating against applicants for tax-exempt status based on the political leanings of the applicants. LIVE + LIVEU & TAPE stakeouts

President Obama due to speak on the economy early this afternoon in Baltimore, MD. He's there to tout the success of a manufacturing facility and the slowly improving economy.

An Uzbekistan national living in Idaho will be in court this morning for allegedly helping a terror group plan a terror attack.

A government watchdog group now saying some terrorists were able to slip through the cracks and fly even though they were on "no-fly" lists. That same watchdog says the Justice Department temporarily lost trace of two known or suspected terrorists in the witness protection program..

They're cleaning up in Northern Texas after that series of powerful tornadoes left six dead. One of the many homes destroyed was a "Habitat for Humanity" home that was due to be turned over to new owners this weekend. The charity home builder vowing to rebuild. Donations welcome I'm sure.

American Airlines now says it will allow passengers without bulky luggage (including roller bags) to board early giving you a further incentive to check your bags and pay the fee!

Alicia Acuna reporting on O.J. Simpson's demand for a new trial.

That high-profile model murder trial now underway. The aspiring actress and Maxim model from Santa Monica, CA was strangled to death. In opening arguments, prosecutors said DNA linked the death of Juliana Redding to Kelly Soo Park. Park's attorney says forensic evidence won't be enough to prove she's guilty.

New allegations have surface about the mayor of Toronto. A video has been released allegedly showing him smoking crack. The mayor's lawyer has denied the allegations.

Jodi Arias could eventually be back on the stand as a jury continues deciding whether she should get death or life in prison for the murder of Travis Alexander. Yesterday, Travis' sister and brother both got emotional in testimony about the loss of their brother.

Carl Cameron reporting on the Massachusetts senate race.

A volcano in Alaska putting on quite a show.. ash and lava from the Pavlov Volcano shooting several hundred feet in the air.

Julie Banderas will report on the winner of American Idol.

Powerball now at an estimated $550 million!

The ACLU has come out in defense of the dance craze "twerking". As @RuPaul might say, "You better TWERK."

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