Making a Difference Through Domestic & International Adoption

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and Charlize Theron have all adopted children from all over the world.

But despite the publicity and will of many families to do the same, over 100 million children are currently living in orphanages world-wide.


Craig Juntunen, the founder and president of Both Ends Burning tried to find the answer in his recent documentary called "Stuck".

"Political apathy" explains Craig, "The kids are not a priority - they need to be a priority!" That's why Both Ends Burning began a campaign to bring awareness to the issue. They have crisscrossed the country traveling to 60 U.S. cities in 80 days airing "Stuck" in local theaters. Along the way they've collected signatures for their petition calling on Washington to change the culture of complacency.

As international adoption continues to fall, domestic adoption is also facing difficulties. Fox News Contributor Nina Easton writes a change needs to occur in how we treat women who give their children up for adoption.

There is a stigma of abandonment towards birth mothers. Many women simply feel they have two options when facing a suprise pregnancy: abortion or single motherhood. Groups like are working to help women in this situation and encourage them towards giving their child life and a happy home.

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