Happening Now Thursday May 16, 2013 Presidential News Conference at Noon

President Obama will hold a news conference today at Noon with the Prime Minister of Turkey. He will take questions which will likely be dominated by the scandals swirling around the White House. Last night, President Obama fired the interim head of the IRS. The White House also released all the emails related to the talking points developed in response to the terror attack on Benghazi, Libya that left 4 Americans dead. There are varying opinions about how damaging those emails may be to the Administration. There are also new reports about the Justice Department spying on the Associated Press. Republicans have already made clear the moves by the Administration so far in response are not enough. Today we've got Karl Rove, Bob Cusack, Nina Easton, and Geoff Earle for their take and reaction. Wendell Goler, Mike Emanuel, James Rosen, Catherine Herridge, Doug McKelway and Carl Cameron reporting.

1200ET -- The President & PM Erdogan of Turkey hold a joint press conference in the Rose Garden. LIVE

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff now calling the problem of sex assaults against women in the military is a crisis.

Weekly jobless claims out today.

Tornadoes swept through northern Texas last night killing at least 6 people.

Wildfires have charred 7000 acres in Minnesota and several structures. Fire crews are making some progress.

Jurors in the Jodi Arias murder case decided yesterday that Arias murdered Travis Alexander in an especially cruel and heinous manner.. which means she is eligible for the death penalty. Today they'll hear new testimony and begin deciding on life in prison or death. Dan Springer reporting.

OJ Simpson was on the stand yesterday as you saw if you watched @HappeningNow. He wants a new trial after being convicted four years ago of armed robbery. He's serving a 9-33 year sentence. Alicia Acuna reporting.

We're awaiting a report on that fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX that left at least 14 dead.

There are horrific reports of massacres of civilians coming out of Syria. This as Israel looks to be preparing for the possibility of military conflict with Syria. Leland Vittert reporting.

A million people have fled the path of a cyclone about to hit Bangladesh.

Powerball jackpot now at 475million dollars!

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