Wednesday May 15, 2013 Happening Now - Holder Hearing Grilling

Attorney General Eric Holder back in the spotlight today when he appears before the House Judiciary Committee. Holder launched an investigation late yesterday into the IRS's targeting of certain groups including Tea Party groups. The Obama Administration is facing more and more questions about a growing list of scandals including what went wrong in Benghazi, Libya and how the aftermath was handled, the IRS targeting story, and Justice Department snooping on the Associated Press.

1300EDT -- House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on "Oversight of the United States Department of Justice." Witness: Atty Gen. Holder testifies. LIVE

In a written statement last night President Obama called a newly released Inspector's General report on the IRS targeting of conservative groups "intolerable and inexcusable." The President said those responsible will be held accountable.

President Obama is delivering remarks at 11am in honor of police officers killed in the line of duty.

1100EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks at the Natl Peace Officers Memorial Service, West Front of the U.S. Capitol Building. POOL LIVE

Iran is set to lead a United Nation's panel on disarmament. Oh the irony. We'll explore further.

Some lawmakers on Capitol Hill now demanding action after more sex assault scandals hit branches of the military. A court martial of Brig Gen Jeffrey Sinclair on charges including forcible sodomy, indecent acts and adultery is set to beginning in late June. The Army said yesterday a sergeant first class at Fort Hood was accused of abusive sexual contact. Last week an Air Force officer who headed a sex assault prevention office was arrested on charges of groping a woman in Virginia.

Jodi Arias heading back to court today in Phoenix. Jurors now considering whether the death penalty should be an option after convicting her last week of first degree murder. Dan Springer reporting.

OJ Simpson may be taking the stand today in a bid to win his freedom. He's currently serving a 9-33 year sentence for armed robbery, but he contends he didn't get a fair trial. William LaJeunesse reporting.

Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, convicted of murder, will take a deal that will allow him to avoid the death penalty, but will keep him behind bars for the rest of his life. He's expected in court this morning, and there's a press conference in the case at 11am. Shannon Bream reporting.

Murdered 8-year-old Leila Fowler's 12-year-old brother will be in juvenile court Wednesday on charges of second-degree murder.

A former first-responder will appear in court today on allegations he had materials for a pipe bomb. The paramedic was arrested after a massive fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX that left at least 14 dead. Investigators have not directly linked him to the explosion nor have they released a cause in the explosion.

A judge in NY today is likely to decide whether there is enough evidence to bring Pedro Hernandez to trial in the 1979 disappearance of then 6-year-old Etan Patz. Police say Hernandez confessed, but his lawyer says his client is mentally ill and his confession was made up.

Russia kicked out a U.S. embassy secretary, Ryan Fogle, accusing him of being a spy. Now the U.S. Ambassador has been summoned in connection with the case. Stay tuned.

New evidence today a low salt diet may not have the health benefits once thought.

The Powerball jackpot is now at $360 million dollars!

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