Scandals on Several Major Fronts

Less than a half a year into the President's second term, and he is now dealing with scandals on several major fronts.

The latest is a new controversy swirling around the Justice Department which seized two months worth of Associated Press reporters and editors' telephone records. The Justice Department hasn't said why the records were seized, but there is an ongoing investigation into who leaked details about a CIA operation in Yemen to stop a terror attack.

The President also dealing with the fallout from the growing scandal over the IRS's treatment of some political groups. The President says he's outraged over the news the IRS targeted tea party groups and others. A House hearing on Friday will kick off what is likely to be extensive investigations into the matter.

President Obama dismissed the Benghazi investigations as a side show, but there are growing calls for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to return to Capitol Hill for hearings into the terror attack back in September.

There is a 12:30 White House briefing by Jay Carney which will likely be pretty heated.

Peter Doocy, Wendell Goler, James Rosen, Doug McKelway, Mike Emanuel, and Catherine Herridge reporting. Elizabeth MacDonald will also take viewer questions today about the IRS scandal story.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is visiting Boston today.. Molly Line reporting.

Prince Harry is touring the New Jersey shore to see the damage from Superstorm Sandy. He'll be in Seaside Heights during the 11am hour. Julie Banderas reporting.

Angelina Jolie reported to the world in a New York Times op-ed that she had a double mastectomy after doctors told her she had a nearly 90% of developing breast cancer.

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