O.J. Simpson has returned to a Las Vegas courtroom to seek a new trial in the case that sent him to prison five years ago.

The former football hero and his new legal team hope to convince a judge during a hearing that began Monday that trial lawyer Yale Galanter had conflicted interests and shouldn't have handled Simpson's armed robbery case in 2008.

Simpson, 65, appeared in court wearing a blue jail uniform. Flanked by guards, he entered the courtroom in handcuffs, which were later removed so he could write. It appeared he remained chained to a chair at the waist. His hair was short and grayer than it was during his previous court appearance in the case.

Simpson, who is scheduled to testify Wednesday, is serving nine to 33 years in a Nevada prison.

Galanter is scheduled to testify Friday and has declined comment before then.

Jim Barnett, a retired businessman who has visited Simpson in prison several times, testified that he witnessed Simpson and Galanter interact, adding that the attorney was dismissive of the former football star. If Simpson asked a question, Galanter would say “that’s not important,” Barnett testified.

Galanter and Simpson never discussed a plea deal during the initial trial, Barnett testified, adding that Simpson’s attorney told him he had “nothing” to worry about.

Simpson, meanwhile, has said Galanter knew ahead of time about his plan to retrieve what he thought were personal mementos from two sports memorabilia dealers at a casino hotel room in September 2007. Simpson also said Galanter never told him a plea deal was on the table.

Fox News' Laura Prabucki and The Associated Press contributed to this report.