Monday May 13, 2013 Happening Now - 11:15 Pres Obama & UK PM Cameron News Conference

President Obama will hold a joint news conference during our show today with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

1115EDT -- POTUS and UK PM Cameron hold a joint press conference, Rose Garden. FOX LIVE

Big scandal at the IRS where the taxing authority admitted it targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny. Mike Emanuel reporting.

Congressman Darrell Issa plans to pursue depositions from retired Ambassador Thomas Pickering and retired Admiral Mike Mullen today. Issa continues to dig into what went wrong in the Benghazi terror attack, and who knew what when. Senator Kelly Ayotte will join us today.

The New York Times is reporting there's been a surge of cyber attacks on U.S. corporations. Apparently the attackers' goals seem to be sabotage not necessarily espionage.

New Orleans police say they are determined to track down whoever opened fire on a Mother's Day parade crowd injuring 19 people. 3 suspects were seen running away.

CO movie massacre suspect James Holmes is asking a judge to change his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity at a hearing today.

OJ Simpson returns to court this week to ask a judge to take another look at his conviction for armed robbery.

A volcano near Mexico City could possibly erupt soon. A 17,000 feet tall volcano is spewing ash and seismic activity is spiking there.

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