Post office temporarily suspends delivery after Pennsylvania drug deal

The U.S. Postal Service has temporarily suspended delivery to a western Pennsylvania apartment complex after a carrier walked in on a drug deal.

Postal spokesman Tad Kelley tells The (Sharon) Herald that delivery to the 200-unit Shenango Park Apartments complex in Hermitage will resume once officials feel it is safe. Hermitage is about 60 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

Postal officials want the complex to build a single-point delivery station with boxes for each resident.

Randy Hilliard, senior vice president for NDC Real Estate Management says that would cost about $15,000 and would take at least a month. He's hoping arrangements can be made to resume delivery sooner, and downplayed the incident saying "there's no real threat there."

Police have responded to several drug- and assault-related incidents at the complex in recent weeks.