90-year-old Florida man saved by neighbor after being stuck in garage for days

A 90-year-old man who was trapped in his own car in his garage for days after injuring himself was finally rescued by a neighbor who heard him feebly calling for help. 

The Tampa Bay Times reports Justyn "Jay" Ambrozia survived off the groceries he had just bought when he found himself unable to move after falling at a local Publix. 

Ambrozia tells the paper he left for the store on the morning of April 30. While walking in the store he says he fell, breaking his wrist and hip.

Employees at the store helped Ambrozia to his car. He says he began feeling pain in his leg while driving home, and by the time he reached his garage his wrist was so swollen he could not open the car door, trapping him inside.

Ambrozia tells the Tampa Bay Times he attempted to open and close the garage to signal a neighbor, but eventually just left it open. He had ice cream cones, cookies and pound cake, but no water.

"Jeez, it's been three days," he tells the paper he remembers thinking. "I hope I don't die in this car."

He was rescued May 2 when a neighbor saw his hand waving feebly from the driveway, and then heard him calling for help.

Ambrozia tells the Tampa Bay Times he was drafted into the Army after Peal Harbor, and the last time he remembers being stranded was when he and his troops got lost in Paris during the war.

"I can't complain," he said. "When something like this happens, it happens."

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