Ohio jury shown key video of paralyzed man blinking to identify his attacker before his death

Captivated jurors in a Cincinnati murder trial have watched video that authorities say shows a paralyzed, dying man identifying his killer by blinking his eyes.

Prosecutors showed jurors the 17-minute video of 35-year-old David Chandler on Tuesday.

Defense attorneys for the man charged with Chandler's killing had unsuccessfully argued that the video should be kept out of the trial.

Ricardo Woods is accused of shooting Chandler in October 2010, leaving Chandler paralyzed from the neck down and unable to speak before he ultimately died.

Before his death, police recorded an interview with him, asking Chandler to blink twice for "no" and three times for "yes." Through that method, they say Chandler identified Woods as the gunman.

Jurors watched the video closely, silently counting each time Chandler blinked after each question.