Man reunited with class ring after it disappeared 31 years ago

A North Dakota man who lost his high school class ring 31 years ago -- possibly during a tornado that hit his parents' home -- had the ring returned under fairer skies Saturday.

Greg Olson, owner of Treasure Island Coins and Precious Metals in Fargo, found the ring several years ago, according to The Forum. Olson used it to demonstrate metal detectors to customers. A few weeks ago, one of Olson’s employees noticed that the ring had initials engraved inside its band: JEP. The high school was prominently embossed on the front of the ring.

So, they called Campbell-Tintah (Minn.) High School, which contacted the ring’s owner. And a happy Jerry Prante was finally reunited with the ring.

“It’s the one,” Prante said, after meeting Olson at his store.

Olson told The Forum that he has returned many rings in his 39 years of metal-detecting.

“It’s always rewarding to make someone’s day,” he said.

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