Pres. Obama announcement 11:45am ET

President Obama will be joined today by First Lady Michelle Obama, VP Joe Biden and his wife Doctor Jill Biden for what they are calling a significant announcement on employment for veterans and military spouses.

1145EDT -- POTUS, VPOTUS, FLOTUS & Dr. Biden make "significant" employment announcement for veterans and military spouses. East Room. LIVE

The Obama Administration will unveil a new less complicated application for health insurance. The first draft was roundly criticized as too complex. New health insurance marketplaces are due to start signing people up on the first of October for coverage that begins on the first day of next year.

A prominent death penalty lawyer Judy Clarke is joining the defense team for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He's charged with using a weapon of mass destruction. Fox News has learned female DNA was found on the bomb components though it is not known how it relates to the case. Fox News has also confirmed the Russians warned the United States back in 2011 that the elder son Tamerlan and the mother were followers of radical Islam. Meantime, the home of Katherine Russell's parents was visited by the FBI. (Russell is the wife of Tamerlan. She's been staying at her parents' home) Catherine Herridge continues her strong reporting. David Lee Miller is reporting from Boston.

Claudia Cowan is reporting from San Francisco on the stabbing murder of an eight year old girl in Calaveras County, CA.

Dan Springer is reporting on the creative ways Americans are finding to combat the impact of the sequester.

The New York Times reports today on the risk of contamination from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. You'll remember the nuclear power plant was severely damaged in the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan two years ago. The plant went into full meltdown. Now water is flooding into the highly radioactive plant, and there are fears it could end up in the Pacific.

A U.S. cargo plane has crashed in Afghanistan killing all 7 aboard. NATO denies any Taliban role.

As the death toll from a building collapse in Bangladesh hits 386, the owner of the illegally constructed building has had his property confiscated and his assets frozen.

An Israeli airstrike targeted a motorcyclist who the Israelis say was an Islamic militant involved in a recent rocket attack on Israel. 1 is dead. 2 more injured. It's the first Israeli airstrike since a November cease-fire.

A huge explosion shook the Syrian capital of Damascus today. Syrian state television reports at least 13 are dead and 70 wounded.

Queen Beatrix has signed an official act of abdication in Amsterdam making her eldest son Willem-Alexander the first Dutch king in more than 100 years.

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