Oregon death row inmate pushes for prisoners to be accepted as organ donors

An Oregon inmate who was convicted of killing his wife and children in 2001 is pushing for inmates' organ and tissues donations to be included on national registries, reported. 

Christian Longo founded G.A.V.E. and told Fox 12 in 2011 that he will stop appealing his death sentence if he is allowed to donate his organs. 

Longo is still pushing for his cause.

A G.A.V.E. press release Tuesday said prisoners are not "looking for notoriety." 

"They would simply like to give the gift of life to those who will die without it," the statement said. 

According to, the Oregon Department of Corrections previously has said that they will not negotiate with a death row inmate about the appeals process.

In January, according to the Deseret News, Utah became the first state to pass legislation allowing prisoners to voluntarily sign up for the donor registry. Within six weeks, 237 inmates registered.

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