Monday April 29, 2013 Happening Now - New Details on Boston Terror Investigation - Was Mom Involved?

The man accused of sending ricin poisoned letters to President Obama, Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi and an 80-year-old judge in Miss makes his first appearance in a federal court today. The FBI arrested 41-year-old James Everett Dutschke at his home in Tupelo Saturday. He faces life in prison. John Roberts reporting.

Interesting developments in the Boston Marathon terror attacks. Key lawmakers took to the Sunday shows yesterday. Congressman Mike Rogers says the bombers could have outside help and/or training. Some republican lawmakers are demanding better monitoring of immigrants inside the U.S. There are also growing questions about the terrorists' mother, and her possible influence on her sons. She's insisting they were framed, but reportedly discussed jihad in a phone call with one of her sons. Catherine Herridge and David Lee Miller. Doug McKelway takes a look a terror attacks under the Obama administration.

Closing arguments today in the Kermit Gosnell case in Philadelphia. Shannon Bream reporting.

It looks like a gas explosion is behind a blast in Prague, the Czech Republic. Dozens are injured. More may be trapped.

Several developments in the Syrian civil war. We're still waiting to find out the response, after the U.S. and Britain said they had confirmed the use of chemical weapons in Syria. State TV there says the Prime Minister has survived an assassination attempt as fighting continues to rage. There are reports a chemical weapons plant may have been attacked (still awaiting confirmation on that).

A series of car bombings in Baghdad killed at least 19.

Pending home sales come out at 10am. We're going to take a look at the exploding Manhattan real estate market and ask if the high prices and low inventory here could be coming to a town near you!


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