Monday April 22, 2013 Happening Now - One Week Since Boston Terror Attack

It's been one week today since the terror attack on the Boston marathon. There will be a moment of silence to mark the moment at 2:50pm today.

There is also a funeral today for bombing victim Krystle Campbell at Saint Joseph's Church in Medford, MA.

Catherine Herridge is reporting on the investigation.

The suspect who remains alive, Dzhokhar Tsarnev is reportedly conscious in a Boston area hospital. He was found Friday after an exhaustive manhunt by a civilian who had gone out for a smoke. Tsarnev is reportedly talking to police via a notepad and writing utensil since he is unable to speak. He may have a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Meantime, his older brother who was killed in a shootout with police traveled to Russia under an alias last year. The FBI had him on their radar. The Boston police say they may have planned other attacks. The pair was armed with a small arsenal of guns and explosives when first confronted. Lots of questions today.

Immigration reform getting some renewed attention today as well. There are several events today on Capitol Hill and the Sunday shows were filled with comments.

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