Coast Guard searches for 4 fishermen off Texas Gulf Coast; rescued man says wave tossed them

The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for four fishermen who are missing off the Texas Gulf Coast after their boat sank.

Petty Officer Richard Brahm says the Coast Guard is using a cutter and an airplane on Sunday to look for the missing men.

The 50-foot vessel sank early Friday morning about 115 miles southeast of Galveston, not far from the Texas-Louisiana border. The boat called the Nite Owl is owned by a Louisiana seafood company.

There were five men onboard. One of them, John Reynolds, was rescued Friday.

Reynolds told the Houston Chronicle that the impact of a rogue wave threw the crewmen into the water, where they struggled to hold onto debris.

The Coast Guard has already searched a 2,000-square-mile area for the missing fishermen.