Police close in on Boston Terror Suspects in MA, 1 Dead, 1 on Loose - Apparently Chechen

Happening Now

A manhunt underway as I write this for one of the terrorists who was allegedly behind the Boston terror attack.

Police call him armed and dangerous.

Another suspected terrorist was apparently killed in a gun battle with police overnight. Another suspect is on the loose after the standoff with police.

An MIT officer was shot and killed in an incident in Cambridge, MA.

A transit officer was also injured.

There was a report of a carjacking in Watertown, MA before the shootings began.

There were reports of explosions and bombs in and around the Cambridge area.

A young man was arrested and taken into custody, but it is unclear if he is a suspect or just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We are getting preliminary reports that the suspects could be from overseas, specifically Chechnya, and they could be brothers.

All public transportation in Boston and surrounding towns is shut down.

Harvard, Emerson, MIT and Boston University are shut down for the day.

Residents in Watertown, Cambridge, parts of Boston and other communities asked not to leave their homes and stay off cell phones.

President Obama is being briefed and we'll await word from the White House.

Molly Line, Mike Tobin, Bill Hemmer , Catherine Herridge, Jennifer Griffin, Wendell Goler, and Griff Jenkins among our team of reporters.

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