No bomb found at California college campus following evacuation, police say

Police say a bomb squad search of the California State University, Los Angeles, campus following a telephone threat has found nothing.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Richard French says the search concluded at about 2:30 p.m. PDT Thursday and no bomb was found.

The campus of California State University, Los Angeles, was ordered evacuated Thursday because of a threatening phone call, and a police bomb squad was dispatched.

University spokesman Paul Browning said the school's president ordered the evacuation as a precaution at noon, but he could not provide further information. A source told Fox News the evacuation comes after a phone threat to the school. Browning says campus police are assisting.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Richard French said the university received a phone call that said a bomb was on campus but did not detail where.

The university east of downtown Los Angeles has about 20,000 students, though most aren't full-time.

Jon Beaupre, a journalism professor at Cal State LA, said the fire alarm went off at 12:15 p.m. in the middle of his lecture and the class followed normal evacuation procedures. When they arrived outside, they were told there was a bomb scare and the entire campus was being evacuated.

"That led to a mad dash, grabbing bags to get people out of here," Beaupre said.

Beaupre spoke by telephone to The Associated Press while driving in his car and trying to maneuver through heavy traffic. He described a half dozen police cars around campus and a sheriff's helicopter circling overhead.

"Apparently we can get people out of the buildings, but getting traffic away from campus is not easy," Beaupre said.

Two high schools also share Cal State LA's campus, and Beaupre said about 60 students could be seen milling around on a street corner outside after the evacuation.

Beaupre estimated that the evacuation involved about 8,000 students.

California State University Los Angeles sent a tweet Thursday afternoon urging anyone on the grounds to leave immediately.

In a follow up tweet, the school said the reason was due to an emergency, but school officials could not provide any further information at the time.

Browning says the university will likely not reopen Thursday.

Fox News' Mike Levine and the Associated Press contributed to this report.