Monday April 15, 2013 Happening Now - Happy Tax Day :(

Huge celebrations planned today in North Korea as two days of celebrations kick off to honor the birthday of their first leader Kim Il Sung (Kim Jung Un's grandfather). The birthday could be an opportunity for a new missile test. Secretary of State John Kerry is returning from a diplomatic trip to Japan and South Korea. He offered the North Koreans a chance to return to nuclear talks if the North Koreans back down.. Greg Palkot and Jennifer Griffin reporting.

Nicolas Maduro has won a very close election for President in Venezuela. Maduro was Hugo Chavez's hand-picked successor. Opposition groups are demanding a recount. Steve Harrigan reporting.

Casey Stegall reporting on the Texas DA and his wife murdered in Kaufman County.

A comprehensive immigration bill could be introduced as early as this week. Doug McElway reporting.

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today about whether companies can patent DNA. Shannon Bream reports.

The Jodi Arias murder trial resumes this afternoon. There is some kind of hearing at 12:30 that could be about the prosecutor's Juan Martinez's behavior outside court. Adam Housley reporting.

Sea piracy is down according to an international maritime watchdog.

An Italian court could hand down indictments today in the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster back in 2012 that left 32 dead. Prosecutors want the now-infamous Captain Francesco Schettino to stand trial for alleged manslaughter.

A string of bombings and other attacks have left at least 27 people dead across Iraq. The attacks come less than a week before elections.. the first since the U.S. withdrawal in 2011.

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