Virginia restaurant refuses service to wounded vet with service dog

The wife of a wounded war veteran says she and her husband was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant for bringing in his service dog.

Patty Horan told that she and her husband, Pat, were asked to leave the Village Café in Centreville by the owner's wife after walking in with the dog, Wilson.

"I tried to explain to her that this isn't just a regular pet, this is a service dog. My husband is disabled. She really didn't want to listen to any of it. She just wanted us to leave the restaurant," she told the station.

Patty said she and her husband were given the option to sit outside but there were no tables or chairs set up, according to the report.

Mo Aminfar, the owner of Village Café, told his wife didn't know that Pat was disabled and that Wilson was his service dog.

Aminfar told the station he wanted to personally apologize to Pat and that he and his wife "are really sorry for what happened."

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