Secretary of State John Kerry is in South Korea as the situation on the Korean peninsula continues to intensify. Late yesterday we learned the U.S. now believes North Korea has learned how to make a nuclear weapon small enough to be delivered by a ballistic missile. This is not good news. Apparently the top source for that report was an accidental share by Congressman Doug Lamborn of Colorado. He apparently thought the report was declassified. It was supposed to be "classified." Whoops.

In any case, Secretary Kerry is now saying the Obama administration is working to lower tensions. He also says it would be a mistake for Kim Jong Un to test a missile which could come as early as today. He also says the U.S. is determined not to allow North Korea to be a nuclear power.

Negotiators for Republicans and Democrats say they've reached agreement on the big issues around a Senate immigration bill which will be unveiled next week.

Anti-gun legislation cleared a key hurdle yesterday as we reported during the 11am. Senate will again take up the issue next week. Meantime, we'll take a look at how the issue has been handled by the media.

There is a full House and Ways & Means Committee hearing today on the President's budget proposal. Jim Angle reports.

Severe weather tore through the U.S. yesterday. There was ice and snow in the Midwest and tornadoes in the South.

William La Jeunesse is reporting on border security today.

There is testimony in the Jodi Arias trial today. The prosecution is expected to continue cross examination of the defense's expert witness on domestic abuse.

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