Find out more about 7-year old Jack Hoffman & pediatric cancer

He's been one of the most famous kids on YouTube for the past week....

Last Saturday, 7-year-old Jack Hoffman ran 69 yards scoring a touchdown for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in their spring football game. The team carried him on their shoulders and the crowed screamed with joy.

It was a wonderful moment after two years of struggle for such a young boy. Jack has been suffering from something that no child should have to endure - brain cancer.

Nearly 12 thousand children under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with brain cancer this year. The American Cancer Society reports that at least 3 children per day will die from this disease.

Andy Hoffman is Jack's dad.

Today on Happening Now he gave us good news; Jack's been undergoing chemo and his tumor is decreasing!

Andy hopes that Jack's fame on YouTube will not only touch the hearts of viewers but also bring pediatric cancer to the national stage.

If you'd like to learn more about Jack & follow his journey check out his facebook page or his website

With enough funding and focus - we all hope that a cure and better treatment will be discovered.