Wednesday April 10, 2013 Happening Now

President Obama due to speak live from the Rose Garden at 11am. He's unveiling his 2014 budget today. Among the recommendations? New tax increases including the so-called Buffett rule which would force wealthy Americans to pay at least 30% of their income in taxes. It would cut spending and raise revenues by using a new measure of inflation for cost of living increases. It also includes cuts to entitlement programs including social security and Medicare.

The threat to block debate on any gun control measures may be fading with the news that several GOP senators won't participate in a filibuster of the first major gun control effort since 1993. Dem leader Harry Reid will schedule a test vote today. There may be a deal on background checks for purchases at gun shows and online. Stay tuned.

South Korea says North Korea is about to test a missile. South Korea also says the North Koreans were behind a March cyber attack that shut down South Korean banks and broadcasters. Remember today is the supposed deadline for foreign diplomats to leave for their safety to be guaranteed. David Piper and Greg Palkot reporting.

A community college in suburban Houston reeling today after a student allegedly stabbed 14 people with a knife. 20 year old Dylan Quick says he fantasized about stabbing people to death. He slashed people with a razor-type knife mostly in the neck and face. Peter Doocy reporting on how to keep yourself safe on campus.

A Spring storm is bringing heavy snow and freezing rain for folks from South Dakota to Wisconsin to Kansas.

There is a pretrial hearing today for Army Private Bradley Manning who is accused of sending state secrets to the Wikileaks website.

Philanthropist and makeup tycoon Leonard Lauder (of Estee Lauder fame) said he'll give a billion dollar gift to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in famous cubist art.

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