Friday April 5, 2013 Happening Now

We get the March jobs numbers today. Economists are expecting an increase of just under 200,000 new job with unemployment at 7.7%. Let's see how close we come to that. It could impact the markets today.

President Obama holding a prayer breakfast at the White House this morning.

David Piper reporting on North Korea as it has reportedly moved missile with "considerable range" into position on the East coast. Hacker groups have apparently broken into North Korea's government run social media sites to taunt the North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un.

Meantime, a strange development being reported on the wires. With Pyongyang reportedly asking Russia to have an evacuation plan ready for Russian embassy staff in the North Korean capital.

This as we get word, the U.S. may be trying to cool tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Another police officer is dead. This time in Jackson, Mississippi. A detective and a stabbing suspect were both shot dead at police headquarters in Jackson, MS.

The murdered District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife will be buried today in small town in Texas. The pair was found murdered over the weekend. There have been no arrests so far in the case. Dan Springer reporting.

The governor of Colorado is ordering a sweeping review of the state's parole policies after a convict released early by mistake murdered two people including the head of CO prisons. He was later shot and killed by police in Texas, but CO officials remain on edge after being warned to stay on their toes. Alicia Acuna reporting.

The two escaped inmates we reported as breaking news this week have been recaptured at a barn in Cooper, TX.

Maryland has passed strict new gun regulations. The governor is expected to sign them today. As we reported yesterday, CT Governor Dan Malloy signed tough new gun legislation there.

Meantime, gun sales are surging all over the country with ammo and guns flying off the shelves.

Famed film critic Roger Ebert is dead at the age of 70 from a recurrence of cancer.

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